Coşkunöz Havacılık
Coşkunöz gains momentum in aerospace
Mart 30, 2016
Coşkunöz Savunma ve Havacılık A.Ş. / Coşkunöz Defence and Aeronautics, Inc., one of the affiliated companies of Coşkunöz Holding signed an agreement for the KAI Korean utility helicopter KUH Surion’s central fuselage assembly project.
Coşkunöz Defence and Aeronautics, established in 2006 and one of the youngest and rapidly growing companies of Coşkunöz Holding, met with Korean based KAI, one of the most important aerospace companies of the world, in Seoul at the Adex 2015 Aerospace and Defence Exhibition to sign a contract on the KUH Surion helicopter project. During the exhibition, which also hosted Mr. Bilal Aktaş, Head of the Industrialisation Department of Undersecretariat of Defence Industry, both parties conferred on the assembly of the central fuselage, one of the most critical parts of a helicopter, and signed a contract for a 10 year production project. 
Coşkunöz Defence and Aeronautics will produce 60 helicopter fuselages according to the contract concluded, and expedite the first one at the end of 2017, when they will become, after TAI, Turkey’s leading  aerospace  enterprise, the first company producing a helicopter fuselage of this size and technology. 
Coşkunöz Holding CEO, Mr. Emin ATAÇ, when assessing the subject, stated his belief that the collaboration between the two companies, starting with this project in which Coşkunöz Defence and Aerospace will produce the helicopter’s main part directly affecting flight safety, will have fruitful results for both sides. Mr. Ataç added that Coşkunöz Holding was preferred for the production of such an important part due to their investments made in this field and accumulated experience, and drew also attention to this project’s contribution to the Turkish aerospace industry. Mr. Ataç underlined the fact that Coşkunöz Holding will continue to establish similar partnerships through the Holding’s vision “We shape the future”, and added that they aim to create value together with studies which render service both to the country and social development.                
Mr. Mehmet Coşkun, Coşkunöz Defence and Aerospace’ General Manager, declared that investments concerning additional buildings of  five thousand square meters and capacity increases in production due to new machines investments were rapidly ongoing during the first months of 2015 and added that they will continue to efficiently pursue their activities for the aerospace and defence industry of Turkey.     


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